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Wish I was 12?

Maybe not...

I thoroughly and completely enjoyed the 7th Harry Potter book and the fact that I am not 12 was of absolutely no consequence!

I had bought and re-read almost all of the previous books the week before the 7th book was released and actually waited with the proverbial bated breath for my copy to arrive by post. I started it sometime in the late afternoon and was done maybe around 2 at night/morning..I was soo scared and nervous throughout the book(and that definitely added to my enjoyment) that I stopped reading every now and then to kind of prepare for the next few 100 pages (almost as if I was the protaganist)! I feel the need to write this post, just to record one of the most exciting book reading experiences in a very long time!

P.S. This is not to say that there aren't flaws in the book! Some incidents did seem contrived..but they didnt really spoil the experience for me!

P.P.S I love re-reading the books that I read as a child- Enid Blyton (have any of you in the US read her), Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,Pride and Prejudice, Daddy Long Legs- ah to be 12 and have the pleasure of reading them for the first time, all over again. oh well!
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