August 1st, 2007

When incidents become memories...

I loved New York..though my first reaction, walking on the streets was:' Will you let me breathe'..but after the first few stifling moments, New York lets you feel strangely free...

Some of my favourite New York memories:

Listening to a Mexican singer in the train station- his soulful ballads almost made me cry, eating honey roasted peanuts near Wall Street, watching a 25-30 year old guy sing folk rock in Dylanesque style at the Washington Square Park, eating grilled corn on the cob (butta- i love you) in Cafe Habana, visiting the (not at all over-rated) JAR boutique in Bergdorf Goodman,discovering Degas at the Met, watching S admire Rodin's sculptures and Pollock's paintings, lazing on the Brooklyn promenade and drinking in the sunset, smelling Mandy Aftel's perfumes for the first time, eating rava dosa in Saravana's and counting in 3 different South Indian languages, running to catch the train home and discovering that we had landed up on the wrong platform..(ok..that was definitely not a favourite memory- how did it get here?)

Ever noticed how the very incidents that would prompt you to throw a couple of somethings on somebody's head seem so much more entertaining in retrospect?

Living in Orange County where the trees seem to have been made to order, I found even the dirt on the New York streets weirdly attractive..People seemed more interesting-I found myself wondering what the guy who ran out of his apartment was thinking.There is a breathing life force that seems to surge through the city- that could energize you or perhaps tire you...

More detailed decriptions of some of my favourite memories follow:
JAR Boutique Collapse )

The Met Collapse )

Mandy Aftel Boutique Collapse )

CB I hate perfume Collapse )

Statue of Liberty Collapse )

Wish I was 12?

Maybe not...

I thoroughly and completely enjoyed the 7th Harry Potter book and the fact that I am not 12 was of absolutely no consequence!

I had bought and re-read almost all of the previous books the week before the 7th book was released and actually waited with the proverbial bated breath for my copy to arrive by post. I started it sometime in the late afternoon and was done maybe around 2 at night/morning..I was soo scared and nervous throughout the book(and that definitely added to my enjoyment) that I stopped reading every now and then to kind of prepare for the next few 100 pages (almost as if I was the protaganist)! I feel the need to write this post, just to record one of the most exciting book reading experiences in a very long time!

P.S. This is not to say that there aren't flaws in the book! Some incidents did seem contrived..but they didnt really spoil the experience for me!

P.P.S I love re-reading the books that I read as a child- Enid Blyton (have any of you in the US read her), Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,Pride and Prejudice, Daddy Long Legs- ah to be 12 and have the pleasure of reading them for the first time, all over again. oh well!