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This and That

There are so many things I feel like posting about that I end up just thinking about them without actually posting...

I feel like posting about my second scent experiment which I can't quite make up my mind about.Sometimes I think it's amazing and sometimes I don't. (Never use too much green cognac oil.I will let you know why in a future post).

I feel like posting about my (very) successful experiments in the kitchen...I am absolutely loving the food I make..yay!!! *wide grin*

I would also love to post reviews of movies that i have watched- except that the movies that I have been watching the past couple of weeks are, at best, absolutely second-rate!..oh well..
But there are some beautiful movies that I would love to write about. One such is Satyajit Ray's Charulatha - languid but rich like a maroon silk saree, it is based on Tagore's short story : The Broken Nest.

Also, here is a link to one of my previous posts (about my New York trip)..I had saved it as 'private' for a long time while I was writing it (its a long post..:)) and when I made it public (finally) it sort of got lost on the friends page.

So here goes:

p.s I need an mp3 player!..I have never been enamored of fancy electronic gadgets (read ipod) but I think I have finally sensed my need for an mp3 player.Thats the only way I'll be able to listen to music while working in the lab. The 2 contenders are: ipod nano and iRiver clix- any input/recommendations?
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