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Rainy days, Pakodas and other stories

Its cold and drizzly outside..the kind of day that always makes me feel like writing.
I wish I didn't have my candidacy talk next week.This is just the kind of day that I'd like to spend, curled up in my multi colored quilt, eating hot samosas or pakodas and re-reading a favourite book..Except that if I did have the day off, I would probably be spending time with the darling baby boy that one of our friends/neighbour just delivered.The baby was born this morning and is the cutest thing you ever saw (But then aren't all babies..:)).

If I'd had more time I would have also made a journal entry sooner about my Birthday, which, inspite of my packed schedule, I actually enjoyed! I live in Orange County and have often complained about the lack of 'hole-in-the-wall' kind of restaurants,that exhibit a little more character than your average chain restaurant, without being exhorbitantly expensive.
So, this birthday S decided to gift me a 'gastronomy festival'- thats what he called it..lol.. A few days before my Birthday, every other day, he'd take me out to an eating joint that I'd never been to, and since I have a terrible sense of direction, I'd never realise which part of town we were in, until we actually reached our destination..:)It ended up being the perfect gift and SO much fun. I am actually beginning to like Irvine.

We went to this tiny Italian place which served only vegetarian food (yay!), a Greek restaurant which served the most delicious eggplant dip and some delightful conversation. We had breakfast in a cafe in the middle of a beautiful park.This cafe allowed dogs and I enjoyed watching the atleast 50 dogs that were there. And finally on my Birthday, we went for wine and cheese tasting. This was my first ever tasting session. While I do feel an academic interest in wine, I absolutely LOVE cheese. The presence of the various cheeses just overrode every other potential flavor explosion and so the wines were kind of wasted on me..but I am not complaining..:)I was impressed with the amount of 'restaurant research' that my dear husband had actually done!

Other highlights of the day: I spoke to my family and received a package (the next day) from my parents and sister which included the cutest set of blue and green cloth covered bangles. My parents also sent us a carton of Indian mangoes all the way from India (*drools*) and my parents-in-law sent me two very sweet e-cards!
Sandeep panicked that he hadn't gotten me a "formal" gift so I picked a perfume that I'd wanted for a while (online and at a discount..:)- Caron Aimez Moi)..I also had the most scrumdylicious chocolate cake from this indie cake shop that I finished the last of,just yesterday..

Aah..It felt good to write all that down!!Sometimes, I feel scared that if I don't record all my memories, they will suddenly all fly away..But there are some that are too sweet to record and those I hope that I will just remember..:)
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