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A little lesser than the little more

Over the past three years I have begun to realize that when it comes to cooking, less is good. What I mean is, you don't need to overwhelm a dish with spices to makes it taste good..In fact a dish doesn't always taste great when overwhelmed with spices. But the right spice/s (and some indispensable salt) can turn a common vegetable into a thing of ...of..gustatory beauty..?..Ok-that might have been a bit of a hyperbole, but you get the jist..:)
I'm beginning to realize that this is true while making perfume too. Though, I do need to keep telling myself that this is not the only perfume that I'm going to make and that every essential oil, absolute or concrete that I love needn't be used in the same perfume..lol. And I *am* learning (I didn't add ANY Jasmine Sambac absolute to my blend, even though I love it!).Oh..I didn't tell you did I, I blended some stuff today after aaaages..I am letting the essences 'marry' and I am not sure how it is going to turn out..I will need to play some more with it, I am sure. But the initial testing and sniffing showed promising results. We shall see..As you can tell, I am also starting to show restraint while describing my perfume blends.(Reference: Read this, for my 'oh so poetic' description of my 'not so great' first effort. In my defense I didn't think it was 'not so great' then..lol: http://drriftwood.livejournal.com/1273.html)

Since I am not ready to actually describe the perfume, here are some pictures:

Photobucket Photobucket

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