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She smells seashells

5 May 1982
I love books and browsing in second hand bookstores, music and singing in the bathroom...
the smell of earth after the first rain and freshly cut tuberoses..the sound of rain on the windows and the voices of loved ones...talking about glass rainbows,cabbages and perfume..watching a thunderstorm from a cozy drawing room...
I love living in my thought bubble and dreaming.... waiting for it to burst!
autumn, bare trees, books, bookshelves in the bedroom, buying/making gifts, candles, cheese, cloth bags, conversations in the dark, cooking, dark chocolate, dark silences, family, food, forests, indian/eastern handicrafts, making natural perfume, mountains, music, neuroscience, perfume, poetry (living and writing), re-reading children's books, sea, second hand bookstores, shadows, singing, snow in the evening, stoles, street food, sunlight in winter, sunrises, sunsets, trees, writing